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New Columns Video: Parade of Bookmobiles @ Annual 2010

Video highlights from the 2010 Parade of Bookmobiles, featuring interviews with Subcommittee on Bookmobiles Chair Michael Swendrowski and Stephanie Seipp with the Baltimore County Public Library. The Parade of Bookmobiles was a highlight of ALA's fifth-annual Bookmobile Sunday, held on June 27, 2010 during the 2010 ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Attendees were able to board bookmobiles from 7 agencies and 2 manufacturers - one coming as far away as Montana.

This year's Bookmobile Sunday was organized by the American Library Association's (ALA) Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS), the OLOS Subcommittee on Bookmobiles and the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (ABOS), and sponsored by All-American Specialty Vehicles, Matthews Specialty Vehicles, Meridian Specialty Vehicles, OBS, Inc., and Farber Specialty Vehicles.

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