SustainRT 50 for 50: Celebrating Earth Day 2020

Creative Commons

Earth Day 2020, April 22, marks the 50th anniversary of this annual celebration! The first Earth Day in 1970 is traditionally recognized as having launched the modern environmental movement. SustainRT aims to help libraries of all kinds recognize Earth Day 2020 by crowdsourcing and promoting 50 actions that libraries can engage with to celebrate and honor this important day. The example actions crowdsourced over the next several months will be released on the SustainRT website at least one month in advance of Earth Day 2020. Libraries may choose to implement one or more of these actions on Earth Day 2020, during the lead up to Earth Day 2020, or all year long. Please help SustainRT crowdsource 50 for 50!

Submit your ideas for recommended actions or programs here!

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