ALA/SustainRT scholarships for 2022 graduates

ALA/SustainRT scholarships for 2022 graduates:

Congratulations! We hope all 2022 graduates are excited to embark on or continue your library career and continue your membership in the professional community of ALA and the Sustainability Round Table. We understand that dues can be a financial challenge and therefore SustainRT is offering a number of scholarships to pay for one year’s membership in ALA and SustainRT. Our goal is to help you continue to interact with a large community of library peers in ALA and develop and share your ideas and expertise to further sustainable communities in all types of libraries.

You can apply for one of the scholarships by submitting an application at The deadline is May 30, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact any SustainRT Membership Committee member ( – you must be logged into ALA to view email addresses).

Sincerely, The SustainRT Membership committee

Top 10 Sustainability-Themed Children’s Books 2022

Each year, the Sustainability Round Table Booklist Committee curates an annual list of 10 notable children’s books on nature, conservation, and communities that reflect the mission of SustainRT “to exchange ideas and opportunities regarding sustainability in order to move toward a more equitable, healthy, and economically viable society.” Click below to download the formatted list!

SustainRT Leaders Wanted!

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

SustainRT is seeking nominees to stand for Spring 2022 election for the roles of Coordinator-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Councilor, and Member-at-Large (see position descriptions below). If you see a sustainable future with libraries leading the way, a leadership position in SustainRT offers a remarkable way for you to realize that vision. As the fastest growing roundtable in ALA, SustainRT is a dynamic organization with multiple initiatives in progress as part of a strategic plan that challenges and supports ALA, our profession, our own libraries, and ourselves to live and work in more sustainable ways. Can you picture yourself helping to shepherd this work along? Nominees must complete and submit a nomination form by December 1st, 2021. Contact Past-Coordinator Casey Conlin for the nomination form link, details, and any questions:

The Coordinator-elect will be elected for a three-year term and serves one year of that term as Coordinator-elect, one year as Coordinator, and one year as Immediate Past Coordinator. The Coordinator-elect shall appoint the chair of each standing committee and members to fill vacancies in such committees for terms beginning their year as Coordinator, except the Nominating Committee. The Coordinator-elect is expected to attend at least the ALA Annual Conference. The following year, as Coordinator, duties will include leading and convening monthly Steering Committee meetings and working towards completing goals identified in the SustainRT strategic plan. The Past-coordinator, will be expected to convene the nominating committee to find candidates for upcoming leadership positions, and maintain and update procedure documentation relevant to SustainRT’s work.



The Secretary will be elected for a two-year term, attend monthly SustainRT Steering Committee Meetings, and shall be responsible for the general correspondence of the SustainRT and the minutes of Steering Committee and general membership meetings. The Secretary, coordinating with the ALA staff liaison, shall arrange for preservation of the SustainRT archives via ALA Connect or its successor technology. The Secretary shall be eligible for election to a second consecutive term. The Secretary is expected to attend both ALA conferences (if membership meeting planned) including Annual conferences in order to record the minutes of the general membership meeting.



The Treasurer will be elected for a two-year term, attend monthly SustainRT Steering Committee Meetings, and shall review and approve all expenses, coordinating with the ALA staff liaison, and prepare reports and a proposed budget for each fiscal year. The Treasurer shall be eligible for election to a second consecutive term. The Treasurer is expected to attend both ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences in order to attend ALA fiscal and budget assembly meetings as needed. The Treasurer will serve as Liaison between the Steering Committee and the Membership Committee, handle all reimbursements for SustainRT incurred expenses.


The Councilor will be elected for a three-year term and attend monthly SustainRT Steering Committee Meetings. The SustainRT Councilor shall serve as the SustainRT representative to the ALA Council. The SustainRT Councilor is expected to attend both ALA Midwinter and Annual conferences in order to attend ALA Council meetings to represent SustainRT. The Councilor will srves as Liaison between the Steering Committee and a SustainRT committee. The SustainRT Councilor attends all ALA Council meetings during the ALA conferences (Council I, Council II, and Council III) and keeps SustainRT informed of Council actions. The SustainRT Councilor is a voting member of ALA Council and speaks on behalf of SustainRT on the council floor, makes motions, and proposes and submits resolutions.

The Member-at-Large position is a two-year commitment, including attending monthly SustainRT Steering Committee Meetings. The Member-at-Large will serve as liaison between the Steering Committee and a SustainRT committee, and work on special projects as assigned by the Steering Committee or the Coordinator. Members at Large are expected to attend either the ALA Midwinter conference or the ALA Annual Conference.

ALA Annual: SustainRT Recap!

Thank you to all who came out and contributed to an amazing ALA annual conference. Britt Fagerheim and the membership committee team provided us with a great social get-together before the conference, and the many accomplishments of the roundtable and its committees were reviewed at our membership meeting. We were very happy to be able to present the Westerville Public Library with the SustainRT Citation for Wellness in the Workplace for their work in bringing pay equity and a living wage to library workers. The slides from our membership meeting are available here, and you can also access a new one page-version of the SustainRT Strategic Plan, as well as the complete SustainRT Strategic Plan

In other good news, the carbon neutrality resolution has passed! A special thanks to Sustainability Round Table Councilor Matthew Bollerman for proposing resolution CD#53. The Roundtable resolution CD#46 has also passed. You can read the recap of this council meeting  from the American Libraries blog.

Missed one of the SustainRT’s programs? We also have the presentation slides, links to resources, and presentation highlights from the following programs:

SustainRT Discussion Group on Measuring Sustainability in Libraries

Library staff and stakeholders are invited to discuss measures, metrics, and systems they’ve used and are interested in using to determine their organization’s sustainability. SustainRT defines sustainability using the triple bottom for libraries to make decisions and take actions that are socially equitable, economically feasible, and environmentally sound. Some measures currently in use in libraries include the Sustainable Library Certification Program, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, Energy Star, Net Zero Energy Building Certification, and Passive House.

Measuring Sustainability in Libraries 

Sustainable Choices in Library Prizes & Promotional Materials

Join us for a conversation on addressing social, economic, and environmental sustainability in reimagining the role and utility of library swag with representatives from a variety of library settings and responsible for a variety of library programming and services. The things our libraries provide as prizes, incentives, and thank you’s to our patrons send a message to the people we serve and have an effect on our local and global communities. These exchanges can be an opportunity to build community connections, support local economies, provide experiences, and support people in making more sustainable economic and environmental choices.

  • Mary Callahan (Moderator)

Children’s Librarian

Queens Public Library at Hunters Point

Long Island City, New York

Mary Callahan is a children’s librarian at the Queens Public Library at Hunters Point in Queens, New York City. Mary has worked in the Queens Public Library system for thirteen years and has a special interest in integrating science and nature into library programs for children. She worked for QPL’s innovative Children’s Library Discovery Center, which features museum-style science exhibits and a wide range of STEM programming. Her current library is home to the new Hunters Point Environmental Education Center, which hosts programs on the environment and sustainability for all ages.

  • Marina Marquez

Branch Manager

Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Public Library’s East 131st Street Branch staff take a non-traditional approach to programming and embracing our core value to be TRANSFORMATIONAL.  Practicing sustainability is embracing the limited resources we have through upcycling/recycling materials on hand that leads to creativity and innovation. 

In addition, the Corlett Volunteens is a teen group that sets the learning agenda for youth at the branch. The Volunteens launched a teen-led book club, garden club, and created unique eco-friendly activities and opportunities (such as the Cardboard Arcade, a Newspaper Fashion Show, and a Puppet Parade) for children in the neighborhood to reconnect with their library.  

Cleveland Seed Bank packets

  • Sarah M. Vital

Business Librarian

Saint Mary’s College of California

Moraga, California

To reduce spending on and waste of minimally useful new plastic items, and to increase reuse opportunities, we’ve switched our “swag” giveaways to what students really want: school supplies! This year’s summer reading program participants will receive a branded canvas pencil bag and simple, often asked for supplies which are useful to the students and easily reused in-office if left over.

Office Supply Grab Bag

  • Teri Markson

Senior Librarian

Los Angeles Public Library

Los Angeles, California

At the urging of the Summer Reading committee and library staff, the Los Angeles Public Library has made a conscious effort to steer away from the practice of buying incentives and prizes that heavily impact the environment such as plastic bags, toys and tchotchkes. Instead, we have elected to purchase fewer and more eco-friendly products manufactured either locally or in North America. 

Sustainable Choices in Library Prizes Teri Markson, Senior Librarian Los Angeles Public Library


  • Kacper Jarecki

Queens Public Library

Peninsula, Team B

At Queens Public Library at Cambria Heights, we had partnered with our local supermarket to distribute fresh apples and bananas once a month to mostly children, but also to teens and adults. It was a great partnership because the library gave away healthy snacks that everyone enjoyed with minimal waste.

Join us: Pre-Annual Social Hour (virtual)

A person smiling while looking at a tablet. Creative Commons licensed image.

Hello, all SustainRT people!

We are gathering virtually for a pre-Annual Social Hour Tuesday, June 22, 4-5pm CST, and you’re invited!

Drop in or stay the hour; share or listen to climate change stories, passions, project updates; learn about SustainRT’s mentorship program.

The registration link is accessible here.

See you “there!” –SustainRT Membership Committee

Sustainability at ALA in New Orleans (June 21-26, 2018)

Put sustainability on your schedule at the ALA!  The SustainRT business/membership meeting and programs will be on Sunday 6/24/2018 at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans .

Please use the online conference schedule to verify times and locations

SustainRT Sponsored Programs
ALA 2018

Saturday 6/23/2018

Look for the SustainRT poster on Sustainabilty and Diversity at the Diversity and Outreach Fair, Saturday, June 23, 2018 from 3:30pm – 5:00pm on the Exhibits Floor in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

Sunday 6/24/2018

  • 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
    The Rising Tide: How Libraries Sustain a Planet in Crisis
  • 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
    SUSTAINRT: Sustainability Round Table Business and Membership
  • 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
    ALA Sustainability Round Table Orientation: Lighting Rounds!

Throughout the ALA conference there are many programs that address sustainability topics like green buildings, civic engagement, social justice, resilient communities and climate change.  Please add a comment if you’d like to call attention to other ALA programs that would be of interest to SustainRT members.